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  • 執筆者の写真hiroo tachibana

立花家の作品をフィーチャー していただけました

Featuring works from the Tachibana family



ありがとう @catlauigan


”””Overtone””” now on view until 11/6     @coneshapetop

Featuring works from the

Tachibana family 🌹

An installation of a new collection of one off pieces beautifully crafted in silk, linen and cotton from local designer @akaritachibana

Singing bowl sound healing frequencies on cds available for the first time in US by@hirootachibana


Mother and daughter, Hiroo and Akari Tachibana were raised in a rural mountain village of 800 people in Tenkawa, Japan. Home to Benzaiten, a Shinto shrine dedicated to the Indian goddess of music Saraswati, Tenkawa is an incredibly sacred place.

Hiroo first connected with the Tibetan singing bowl when she visited Chiang Mai in 2002. She was fascinated by its harmonies and soon began training with a mentor. Along with the energy and vibrations in Tenkawa, Hiroo now plays the singing bowl in order to cleanse listeners’ minds and align their chakra.

With Akari’s father working as a calligrapher at a mountain-top temple and her mother’s family running a small shop selling uniforms for monks (among other religious and medicinal goods), Akari was surrounded by people on spiritual pilgrimage. She always admired their style, layers of clothes and shapes, so when Akari began making clothing of her own after moving to San Francisco in 2010, she found great inspiration in this time-honored attire.











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