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Chai ¥5oo 

Ginger Chai ¥6oo

Organic Coffee ¥5oo

Tea ¥5oo

Ice Chai ¥5oo

Ice Organic Coffee ¥5oo


Enzyme Juice ¥5oo

Spring version : Made with herb sprouts picked in Tenkawa

Autumn version : Made with vegetables, graincereals, fruits and more than 20 kinds of ensyme   






Soy Milk Chocalate Cake (Vegan) ¥5oo

Made with sugar beet, cacao mass, rapeseed oil, and etc..

Kuzu Mochi ¥5oo
Using kuzu starch made in Yoshino

Soy Milk Chocalate Cake Set ¥9oo

with Chai or Organic Coffee 


Pumpkin Pudding set (seasonal) ¥9oo
with  Chai and Coffee





Beer ¥5oo

Asahi Super Dry

Awamori ¥6oo

Strong Okinawan liquor distilled from rice or millet


Amami Brown Sugar Shochu ¥6oo
with water or on the rock

Kokuto Shochu has become specialty product producted in only Amami Island. 

Jack Daniel ¥6oo
with Ginger Ale or on the rock


Apricot Wine ¥6oo
with Ginger Ale or on the rock



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