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I was born and raised in the small village TENKAWA, DOROGAWA area in Nara pref., closest to the sky under Ennogyoja and Sarasvati.


I've opened Cafe and Sundries "KOO" in 2002 in Tenkawa village Dorogawa area. I've made something about Clothing, Food and Living basically, like weaving dyeing, natural stone accessories, making foods and playing singing bowl, using my natural energy as I am.


I met the Tibetan singing bowl in 2002 in Chiang Mai, Thiland, and met my master Aman Shashi. I went to Chiang Mai every year, then took Certificate of Training skill.


I keep hoping to send you messages from Tenkawa "KOO", the land of origin of living and the god of nature.


Thank you for your attention. Official

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